Tobacco Camel Desert E-Liquid


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Brand New Flavour.
This flavour is so new that we have not written a “Taste Story” or “Tastes like Bio” for this flavour yet.

Many of our customers have samples of this and our other new flavours. We will be writing a flavour review / info shortly, till then we expect the name itself should explain what the flavour tastes like or at least gives you a good idea.

E-Liquids Options – If your not sure choose “Ready To Vape”.

All our E-Liquids are designed to be “Ready to Vape” with 0mg Nicotine, as well as “DOUBLERS” to be mixed with Nicotine.
All flavours can be STRONG or NORMAL in flavour taste, this is 100% in your control.

How does it work:
The way our E-Liquids work is you simply choose “Ready to Vape” these are a normal 0mg E-Liquid you can vape. OR you can choose our “DOUBLERS” which are designed to be mixed with Nicotine.

Ready to Vape: – RECOMMENDED.
We send you ONE bottle. 1) The E-Liquid flavour which is 10ml. This is Ready To Vape right out of the bottle as is.

DOUBLERS: – For mixing with Nicotine or as you require.
To use these you really need to buy some Nicotine Base Liquid from over seas. If you have not done this simply buy the Ready To Vape for now. We suggest they ship liquids that arrive in 3 to 5 days. It is very fast and convenient.
These work the same as the Ready To Vape once you have your Nicotine base, you simply mix 5ml to 10ml of the Nicotine base with the 10ml E-Liquid we send you.


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Volume Size

10ml Ready To Vape, 20ml Ready To Vape, 10ml DOUBLER