Easy DIY E-Liquid Calculator

Easy DIY E-Liquid Calculator for mixing juice for your electronic cigarette. Just fill out the form to get your recipe. Get the perfect PG/VG mix, nicotine strength and flavour. Make sure to bookmark this easy DIY e-liquid calculator to keep it handy.

User Input
Nicotine BasePGVG Flavour BasePGVG
Nicotine Base Strength mg/ml
Target Nicotine Level mg/ml
Amount to Create ml
Flavour Percent %
PG % %
Drops per ml drops/ml
More than 1 flavour?NoYes

Recipe Output
Recipe ml drops
Nicotine Base
  • Enter up to 7 different flavours to get your perfect flavour mix. (Click “yes” for “more than one flavour?”)
  • Set the base liquid of your nicotine and flavouring to either PG or VG to get an accurate PG/VG ratio recipe.
  • Adjust the drops per ml to match your pipet size or bottle top. Useful for making small batches where measuring the exact ml might be difficult.
  • If you get “PV/VG not poss” this is because your PG/VG ratio is not possible due to the dilution requirements or amounts of your base liquids. You either need to change the ratio or use a different base for your flavouring and nicotine.

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